Huntsman unveils new TiO2 pigment TIOXIDE® TR48

Dusseldorf, GERMANY – A new titanium dioxide (TiO2) pigment is available to formulators acrossthe plastics industry, thanks to the development expertise of scientists at Huntsman. TIOXIDE® TR48 pigment is a brand new grade of TiO2, with excellent coloristic properties, which has been engineered to process well, even at high temperatures. The product has been designed as part of the TIOXIDE® TR28 pigment family, which has a long history of excellent processing performance in a wide range of plastics systems.

Designed for use in the production of polyolefin master batches; biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) films; and engineering compounds, TIOXIDE® TR48 pigment is easy to disperse, has excellent tint reduction capabilities and has been developed with low volatile organic compound (VOC) formulations in mind.

Typical applications for TIOXIDE® TR48 pigment include premium and general packaging systems, and the production of plastic parts for consumer electronic devices and the automotive industry.

TIOXIDE® TR48 pigment is one of a series of new product innovations that Huntsman is working on to improve its range of TiO2 pigments for the plastics industry. Under its TIOXIDE® and SACHTLEBEN® brands, Huntsman offers a range of white pigments for use across different industries. Developed over many years,TIOXIDE® and SACHTLEBEN® pigments are known for their performance in a wide range of master batch, compound and plastics processing systems.

TIOXIDE® TR48 pigment was unveiled at the K previewin Dusseldorf, Germany on Tuesday 28 June and will be commercially available in 2017.