TP Pigment

DayGlo’s TP Pigments have been designed for use in solvent-based coatings and inks.
They offer improved solvent resistance when compared to typical thermoset pigments.
These pigments are not recommended for use in aqueous systems.


Product Color:

TP-21 Corona Magenta


Typical Physical Properties:

Average Particle Size: 3-4 microns
Glass Transition Temperature (Tg): 132 oC
Bulk Density: 26.9 pounds/cubic foot
Specific Gravity: 1.37
Oil Absorption: 71 ml/100 grams of pigment



The TP Pigments are ideal for used in inks and coatings where solvent bleed can be an
issue. This is particularly important in PVC coatings or inks for printing on PVC. This includes screen inks and gravure inks where strong solvents are typically used.