TIOXIDE®TR88 Pigment 

TIOXIDE® TR88 pigment is a rutile titanium dioxide pigment, specially developed for the coatings market. It is a high quality, versatile grade that can be used for both interior and exterior applications. TIOXIDE® TR88 pigment provides excellent colour, opacity and good durability in a range of low VOC paint formulations, including high quality interior matt and semi-gloss emulsions, exterior wood finishes and masonry paint.


TIOXIDE®TR92 Pigment

TIOXIDE® TR92 pigment is a multi-purpose rutile pigment designed to give optimum properties over the widest possible range of applications in many industries.  It wets and disperses readily in a very wide range of both aqueous and non-aqueous media and gives very good colour and brightness together with high opacity and durability.


TIOXIDE®TR81 Pigment

TIOXIDE® TR81 pigment is a rutile TiO2 grade, specifically developed for the industrial coatings market. It provides excellent resistance to weathering (durability) and outstanding whiteness and gloss in a range of industrial coatings applications, such as powder, protective, coil and automotive.


TIOXIDE®R-TC90 Pigment

TIOXIDE® R-TC90 pigment is a rutile pigment recommended for applications where the highest gloss, opacity and brightness are required.  These properties are obtained by controlling particle size distribution and through specific inorganic and organic surface treatments.  The excellent colour and exceptional dispersion properties in paints contribute to the outstanding versatility of this grade.